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24 Feb,2018 ->
Fast payouts from the project This is great :) Payment batch - 2505e1e42b1a9d76b57e5f97c6e10416a425fed8479bcdb67540399350e32500 327503c175878b875943237bab51acc37ba3bd20eea733756448d949a547fbc4
14 Feb,2018 ->
I invested here 0.1 btc Have got two instant withdrawals This is nice :) Deposit batch - f1cad8e5ddc79fe667c08cfb65da1c499228f783bf4d1e3d46337f0a6a9dcdd4 Payment batch - 372f235cff3ea82895dd0299186a2d0c611a2d0c4677ca26f08dac82737d07ab 1c1c93a968004a73dadbb688fcc9aa5dbb81da31bb471ab431d872c141b9938a

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